City Style

Recreational scooters are more popular than ever, and the countless photos in the media of celebrities out on their scooters is making them even more so!

These are just a handful of the images we found online of big names out on their kick scooters.
(Left to right / top to bottom) Chris Colfer from Glee, Hugh Jackman, Kate Hudson, Jamie Oliver, Justin Bieber, Louis Smith and Kirstie Alsopp.

Maybe they are trying to get to their next job in a rush, or they are trying to quickly escape the paparazzi. Who knows.

We can't promise that our range of recreational scooters will make you look like a celeb, but you will certainly get around the city in style! Forget crowded busses, forget being sweaty from power walking... keep your Frenzy scooter with you on that all important commute!

Brand New Sporty Style

Let us introduce you to a brand new scooter in the Frenzy range. The FR250. Large wheels, sporty looks, and in two great colours.

A Splash Of Colour!

Some of Frenzy's favourites have been given a nice splash of colour. Introducing the brand new FR205 and FR205P Pneumatic models...

First up is the FR205 in Teal. It's a lovely, almost pastel shade. We wanted to add a bit of pattern to some of the range, and the leafy design goes really well with the fresh, minty tone.

For the full FR205 spec, you can view the product page here
Next we have the Pneumatic model in 2 new colours, Military and Cream. For those of you who like the leafy pattern but want tyres rather than urethane wheels, we've added it to this summery looking cream design. Elegant and practical! 

The Military speaks for itself. Army style colourways are always on trend so we thought there should be no exception, even when it comes to your means of transportation.

The khaki green is broken up with some nice black details, as we wouldn't want to completely camouflage it. We want everyone to see it! 
You can view the full product spec here

Frenzy launches a new website!

We are really pleased to have a brand new website, featuring all of our products, information about the brand and dealer listings!

If you have any questions about Frenzy Scooters, then please don't hesitate to get in touch. You can find a contact form on the website or you can send an email to

Frenzy Dual Brake Recreational Scooter

We are pleased to introduce one of our most elegant looking scooters yet, the FR205HB Dual Brake Recreational Scooter!

It's available in two sleek colours, Titanium and Champagne, both with a stylish anodised finish.